Patient's Rights

It is the policy of Prabha Eye Clinic and Research Center to respect the individual rights of all patients coming to this facility for care. Patient rights include the right to make decisions regarding medical care, the right to accept or refuse treatment, and the right to formulate advance directives. 

Patient responsibilities include those actions on the part of patients that are needed so that healthcare providers can provide appropriate care, make accurate and responsible care decisions, address patient’s needs, and maintain a sound and viable health care facility.


Patients have the responsibility to:

  1. Providing accurate and complete information about medical complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, pain, and other matters relating to their health;
  2. Follow the treatment plan recommended by those responsible for their care;
  3. See that their bills are paid as promptly as possible;
  4. Follow hospital rules and regulations; particularly with reference to the visitor’s policy.
  5. Be considerate of the rights of other patients and hospital personnel.
  6. Be responsible for their belongings and valuables.

The staff is aware of the responsibilities in protecting patients and family rights. Violation of patient and family is recorded, reviewed by Medical Director. Corrective and Preventive measures taken by the hospital are also documented.