Low vision and visual rehabilitation services help patients with mild visual impairment to legal blindness. Patients who suffer from vision loss due to different eye conditions like macular degeneration, retinal dystrophies, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa can be benefitted by use of low vision aids and various rehabilitative measures

An occupational therapist works with patients to enhance the independence in daily activities like walking with a stick, cooking and navigating in familiar surroundings. They also suggest environmental modifications to make the life of those with severe visual impairment easier.

There are many types of assistive devices that are available to assist the patients with low vision which include special glasses and other magnification devices, large print reading materials, LED screens with illumination etc. We also have a ‘Smart Vision Glass’ (SVG) which is artificial intelligence integrated assistive device which helps the blind to recognise faces, identify objects in the vicinity, walk around with voice assistance and audio assisted reading of books in various languages. These tools are critical in vision rehabilitation of blind people.

Low Vision