24 hour corneal tissue retrieval, assessment and processing under laminar flow and storage. A dedicated team that promotes awareness of eye donation. Can be contacted through dedicated telephone line 7204924365

On an average around 10-12 eyedonation calls are received every month from various sources like Home call, death at a hospital or a terminal care centre etc. All received tissues are processed, evaluated thoroughly for viability of use and for donation to suitable recipients.

The eye bank is equipped with a round the clock active team comprising of an inhouse vehicle, driver , 2 eyebank technicians who are well trained in procurement and processing of received tissues. The eyebank has standard of care –diagnostics like the specular microscope, a laminar flow unit, etc as per the requirements and standards of the EBAI – Eye Bank association of India . A standard register of a list of patients registered and waiting for suitable donor cornea is maintained and revised periodically.