Prabha Eye Clinic, in its quest to provide the best possible eye care to it’s patients, became the first owners of the coveted LenSx® technology in the entire South of India and one of the very few hospitals in the World. The LenSx® Laser technology now enables blade-free cataract surgery to the patients and opens up an entirely new era in cataract eye surgery.

Alcon’s LenSx® Laser, the first femtosecond laser cleared for use in cataract surgery, represents a breakthrough for image-guided Laser Refractive Cataract Surgery. Now, many of the most challenging, manually executed steps can be accurately and predictably performed with computer precision and reproducibility.

To know more about LenSx® laser, you can watch the video on the right panel. Please feel free to contact our hospitals at our “Make an Enquiry” page to know more about this futuristic technology.

Lensx Robotic Cataract Machine