Refractive errors is a major concern in children, especially due to recent lifestyle and increased use of digital screens- children are prone to get minus glasses. A routine screening every yearly once is must to detect such refractive errors in children. Children with weak vision are treated through glasses, eye exercises and eye drops.

We have a dedicated myopia clinic to treat myopia. Myopia is short sightedness where your child may have some minus glass power. Myopia can progress at a very fast rate owing to today’s lifestyle – increased screen time and less exposure to outdoor activities. Our trained team of pediatic optometrists and ophthalmologists help control the progression of myopia through different treatment strategies. We have a varied spectrum of treatment strategies to prevent myopia progression. To name a few- a pharmacological therapy where we prescribe low dose atropine eye drops which can be safely applied to the eyes of your child. We also have special spectacles like ‘MyoCare glasses’, ‘MyoKid glasses’ etc which can be used with or without pharmacological therapy. We also provide ‘Orthokeratology (OrthoK) lenses’ – where an overnight wear contact lens can gives a clearer day time vision and also help to reduce myopia progression with sustained use. We provide tailor based approach to decide what best can help reduce the myopia progression of your child.