Sri Keshava Trust

Sri Keshava Trust - History

Sri Keshava Trust has been active for over 30 years (formed in 1988) and has now built a world-class eye treatment facility utilized to help the poor at the Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology in Bangalore. The hospital has a capacity of 100 beds.

Sri Keshava Trust - Outreach

This organization conducts eye camps regularly at various schools and villages around south Karnataka to screen people for eye defects and provide corrective care in association with organizations like Helpage, Lions and National Association of the Blind.

With the availability of the world-class eye hospital, these camps have become more active and been very successful in screening over 25000 people and providing free follow-up treatment to them at the hospital.

Patients found needing additional care are provided necessary hospital care and returned to their home after necessary treatment. All of the medical expenses and the patient’s travel, boarding, and lodging are covered by funds from Sri Keshava Trust, with no cost to the patients