The Eye Plastic, orbital facial surgery Service provides treatment for pediatric and adult patients facing disorder of the eyelids and sockets, congenital malfunctions, trauma, eyelash abnormalities and other cosmetic problems. The service has initiated treatment program for patients with Graves’ eye disease (known as thyroid eye disease).

The comprehensive management of orbital disorders is provided by team of advanced ophthalmologists, ocularists, neuro-opthalmologists, neurosurgeons, dermatologists and nuclear medicine specialists.

The Clinic also offers service to Facial cosmetic surgery wherein a number of services like facial cosmetic procedures, brow lifts, laser facial resurfacing and many more cosmetic applications.

Orbital and Ocular Oncology Service

The Orbital and Ocular Oncology Service provides advanced care and cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities and treatments for children and adults who have been referred for management of ocular tumors in and around the eye.

The ophthalmologists manage the full spectrum of tumors that may occur inside the eye, on the eyelid, or in the orbit surrounding the eye. The Service collaborates with oncologists from Comprehensive Cancer Center as well as other medical services to bring our patients the best and most comprehensive care available. Thus, in addition to seeing ophthalmologists, our patients will see specialists in radiation oncology, melanoma, pediatric oncology, and others as needed.

Our physicians and staff are dedicated to helping patients deal with the many concerns that arise with a diagnosis of eye cancer. They will be pleased to answer your questions, identify useful resources, and coordinate appointments at the Prabha Eye Clinic.